Professor of Bukkyo university  Shunzo Onoda

“Stop the Use of Gestation Crates ”

Will the livestock be happy if they are raised in the open space? No! They are destined to be slaughtered and they will panic at that moment.
Yet, the use of Gestation Crate, which is on our agenda, is the most unacceptable device we can imagine. Sows are born in the world where they have least chances to move : they are not allowed to look back and after giving birth to their offspring, they cannot look after their piglets. Such atrocious way should not be admitted in any way. There is no room for the argument here. They should stop the use of gestation crates immediately. It is time for us to raise our voices to the suppliers that we will never eat products produced in such a mean way and drive them to abolish gestation crates. This is not the matter of whether you are a vegan or not. We must work together to drive them to stop using gestation crates.

Professor of Bukkyo university
Shunzo Onoda

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