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動物ジャーナリスト 佐藤榮記 0

Eiki Sato, Animal Journalist

I am often introduced by media as an animal journalist or a director of animal documentary movies and TV programs. As my job titles show, I have been working for animals for more than...

プリンストン大学ヒューマンバリューセンター 生命倫理学 教授 ピーター・シンガー 0

Peter Singer, Princeton University

Visitors to Buddhist temples in Kyoto can read on the back of their admission ticket that the first precept of Buddhism is “compassion for all sentient beings.” As this suggests, animal suffering matters, and...


Kanatsu Kumi a Comic artist

Pigs’ sow stalls are put in small bodies with only the size of their bodies, they are suffering very much. Sow stall is prohibited in many countries, but almost Japanese pig farms are still...